For the love of Korea

Kang Daniel and Zico for Pepsi


Kang Daniel collaborates with another artist, Zico, for a Pepsi project.

This April 2020, Pepsi chose two of the trendiest solo acts in Korea to launch its campaign: For the love of Korea.

Pepsi’s Korean culture edition (limited edition) Pepsi cans showing different aspects of the country’s culture like their alphabet, Korean dance mask and a sacred island. They aim to show the meaning of respect in Korean culture.

Of course, the theme called for a meeting of Korean tradition and modernity. Fans were delighted to see the two artists dressed in Korean Hanbok over suits in their concept photos.

Kang Daniel and Zico will release a song for this Pepsi project under Starship Entertainment.


Kang Daniel guests in Zico’s vlog. Watch this cute interaction + #AnySongChallenge

Earlier, Starship Entertainment confirmed Kang Daniel to be part of the Pepsi global project and since then the duo also hinted through a joint Tiktok, Zico’s Youtube vlog and Instagram to fans delight. Kang Daniel also held a surprise Vlive with cans of Pepsi :).


The new Pepsi song from Kang Daniel and Zico will be released on April 24, 2020.