Kang Daniel’s Achievements

Kang Daniel is propelled to stardom when he won Produce 101 Season 2 with a staggering 1.5 million votes.

As soon as he debuted with WannaOne, Kang Daniel achieved a lot in a short period of time.


Brand Reputation Ranking

Korea seems to rank a lot of things and you can actually check how something ranks through rekorea.net.

For celebrity rankings they take consideration into

  • Participation index
  • Media index
  • Communication index
  • Community index

The moment Kang Daniel debuted on August 2017, his brand soared 1st place in the Individual Boy Group Brand Reputation rank from August to December.

2017 Individual boy group idol brand reputation ranking

Kang Daniel is also on the Male Advertisement Brand Reputation ranking where different male celebrities are ranked in the advertising world. They may come from fields like variety, movie and drama, singer, sports etc.

Kang Daniel ranked on the top 3 with senior actors and variety stars.

*** This BRR rank does not always update monthly.

2017 Male Advertising Brand Reputation ranking


November of the same year, Kang Daniel received an award from Celeb Pick magazine for a Fashionista award – Rising Star category.

Fans were also pleasantly surprised to hear that Kang Daniel was awarded the Male Idol of the Year from CJ&EM America awards

In 2017, Kang Daniel became main cast on 2 variety shows, MBC “It’s Dangerous Outside the Blankets (pilot)” and SBS Master Key. Kang Daniel received an SBS Rookie Award for Variety before the end of 2017.

Kang Daniel at the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards

Notable Mentions / Poll results

Kang Daniel’s first magazine cover job is with Instyle magazine Korea. He was also the first male cover model of the said magazine in 14 years. More about this on Kang Daniel’s Magazine Cover.

In an episode of TVN’s Problematic Men, Kang Daniel was shown as 2nd most influential men who shook Korea in 2017 right after their president (this was a few months after their president won the elections).

TVN’s The List (tvN 명단공개) also released a clip on Kang Daniel’s impact four months after his debut.

Kang Daniel is known to cause the “no exit” epidemic and treaded the phrase “1 day, 1 Daniel” because you can not last a day without seeing his cute and sexy charms.

It was said to be similar to a withdrawal symptoms of an addiction – the Kang Daniel Syndrome is born.

TVN’s “What is Kang Daniel’s Impact on Men

His influence is not only with women because even men are seen copying his pink hair or fashion style, proudly sporting satoori (Kang Daniel had a Busan accent) and snacking on jelly.

Kang Daniel’s influence does not end with people missing him or copying him, he also showcase his ability to sell out items he directly or indirectly sponsors. This fact made him land several endorsement deals like The Spring Home and LAP. He landed TVN’s sold out list on number 9.

SBS One MidightTV also made their own documents-style analysis of Kang Daniel’s popularity in 2017.

First clip talks mostly of the artist’s duality that we all know and love about him.

Growing artist Kang Daniel ‘male beauty . gap”

The next installment discusses Kang Daniel’s popularity and relevance and how he landed on a weekly magazine that usually talks about Korean politics, economics and social issues.

Kang Daniel the National Center who became weekly magazine cover model

2017 Forbes Korea 2030 Power Leaders List includes Kang Daniel as an individual. There were only 2 celebrities from the music industry who made it on the list, one is a group and the other one is Kang Daniel. He is the youngest individual on the list. His remarkable influence and selling power made him rose to the top of the music industry.

Another big poll in Korea is the Gallup Korea Survey. In 2017, 4,200 men and women were interviewed on July, September and November of the year to find out their favourite singers, favorite Idol and favourite song. WannaOne came 6th as Korean’s favourite singers while Kang Daniel also became 2nd favourite idol for 2017.

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