Kang Daniel brand

Kang Daniel’s relevance in South Korea is evident.

His name is often trending in Korea’s main web portal Naver during the run of Produce 101.

After debuting with WannaOne, Kang Daniel immediately ranked in Brand Reputation ranking for idol members of boy groups (Individual Member Boy Group Brand Reputation Ranking). He was 1st for 14 consecutive months since debut.

He also ranked high along other male celebrities outside of KPOP (Male CF Model Brand Reputation Ranking).

By 2018, he was labelled as an “advertising blue chip,” in the industry. They recognised his power to sell clothes even if the Korean fashion industry is in a slump.

Early 2019, there were news of brands racing to sign him up a deal.

Here is a list of his solo advertisements since 2017:


Think Nature

Think Nature started to tease fans of the CF deal around October 2017. Kang Daniel was their endorser until January 2019.

The Spring Home

The Spring Home products were first seen on an episode of WannaOne Go. Kang Daniel was seen hugging it and sleeping on it. After the episode, the said doll went out of stock.

The Spring Home sales reportedly skyrocketed thanks to Kang Daniel.


Kang Daniel helped a clothing brand sell out a coat just by wearing it to the airport.

LAP chose him as their CF model and showered fans this time with cool Kang Daniel images.

Hite Extra Cold

Kang Daniel’s solo CF list would not be complete without Hite.

Hite delivered another different image of the idol – a hot and sexy one.


Kang Daniel further solidified his household name in Korea when he became a model for a household electronic brand Bokuk.

His sweet, homebody image in the CF was a bonus.

Chanel Fine Jewelry

Fans were excited when it was announced through Elle Magazine Korea that Kang Daniel became a Chanel Jewelry Muse in June 2018.

Kissing Heart

Kang Daniel promoted sunnies too! Kissing Heart CF showed his dorky, cool and handsome side.

Louis Vuitton

Along with model Bae Donna, Kang Daniel became a model for the iconic LV twist bags. 

News of this again came from Elle magazine, Korea on April 2019. Fans were elated as LV x Elle cover combo was a reprieve from all the worries during the artist’s dispute with his former agency. 


KT is one of Korea’s biggest telecommunication company. KT chose Kang Daniel to market KT’s Samsung Note 10 Aura Red. 

KT is Kang Daniel’s 1st brand endorsement after the dispute as a soloist under his own entertainment company Konnect Entertainment. 


Arena Homme Korea announced Kang Daniel as a Cartier friend.

Mexicana Chicken

They say an idol’s popularity is confirmed with a chicken CF. Mexican Chicken signed Kang Daniel again for another year as their model – this time as a solo artist.

Givenchy Beauty

It’s rare to see a male model a red lipstick but Kang Daniel is one.

Kang Daniel is announced through a cover on Marie Claire magazine that the artist is the new model for Givenchy Beauty Le Rouge line of lipsticks.

He eventually promoted other Givenchy products as well. 


Another ad cementing Kang Daniel’s popularity in Korea with Subway wraps.

Calvin Klein

Kang Daniel was seen several times wearing clothes from CK before it was officially announced that he is the brand’s model. He attended the brand’s 50th celebration held in Busan.


Another luxurious, international brand under Kang Daniel’s repertoire is Rimowa. The luggage brand was promoted by Elle and Esquire.


During the unexpected hiatus, Puma Korea showed some kind of support. Come January 2020, Danity was greeted by a striking image – the famous Puma black cat logo and Kang Daniel’s logo.

A collaboration between Kang Daniel and Puma. Goods endorsed by the artist has his official logo.

Kakao Apeach

Finally! Kakao Apeach came true. After 3 years, the collaboration between Kang Daniel and Kakao’s character Apeach happened. This time too, Kang Daniel put his own stamp on the merch adding his signature tear mole and designs.