Kang Daniel and Danity Love Snail donation

Danity’s fandom culture has always been praised. We go by what Kang Daniel once said,

“Positive makes positives”

– Kang Daniel

this became our motto.

Fans learned that during Produce 101, Kang Daniel wore several clothes and accessories that showed his support to different causes. Taking cue, fans also showed support to the same causes as their artist and it has been the fandom’s culture ever since.

The total donation amounted to 90M won. Donations through the foundation are for children who have hearing impairments so that they may get cochlear surgery and speech rehabilitation afterwards.

Children who are deaf, heard of hearing or have hearing impairments are at risk of speech delay as well. Children learn how to speak by copying people around them talking. It is crucial to get medical help as early as possible and have speech intervention as well.

Kang Daniel visited the foundation last 17 April 2020 and met the first child to receive the treatment from the combined donation of Daniel and Danity. The artist did not come empty handed, he had gifts for the child – a toy that makes lots of sound, summer clothes with matching cuddly toy and a signed copy of Cyan album.

Kang Daniel expressed his wish for the child, whom he called angel, to be able to hear sounds and grow up as a bright child

Kang Daniel’s gifts for the little girl recipient of Kang Daniel x Danity donation.

The signed album reads: ” I wish you grow up pretty and healthy. Always be happy with your family.”

The child’s parents were very thankful that their child became the recipient of the donation and were happy that Kang Daniel even personally came and expressed that in the future they hope their child can listen to the album

Soul-the fan is given to a network of fans who has an accumulated donation over 90M won.

Kang Daniel received a plaque with both his name and Danity’s name on it. He then thanked the fans for letting him take part of a meaningful work. He encouraged more people to support the cause especially today that Korea is the disabled awareness day.