Kang Daniel and His Manager Together in a Variety Show

Kang Daniel and his manager, Jung Dong Yoon were guests in MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” (also known as “The Manager”).

Danity were eager to watch the show, curious to see what made Kang Daniel laugh so much in the teaser shown a few days before.

As soon as the show aired, it was clear that Kang Daniel laughs so easily by almost anything that his manager says or does. The show host and staff around seem unsure of what was so funny but still laughed along.

The show also revealed some behind the scenes of the magazine shoot to which the hosts were all amazed.

Kang Daniel laughs easily because of his 1cm laughing barrier but when he is on work mode, it’s a totally different atmosphere.

Later, it was revealed that Kang Daniel’s manager stuck to him during his hardest times. The artist suffered a lot last year and had a sudden health related hiatus on December. Kang Daniel revealed that his manager visited him every day for two months without fail to play games with him, share meals and just to hang out with him. The artist is very grateful to his manager who was just recently hired at that time but never left his side even if it was a difficult time.

Kang Daniel and his manager also went camping

and we can finally see the mysterious funny cucumber in the teaser.

The show gave a lot of laughter to the host themselves and of course to Danity who are also thankful for the manager.

The show was received well earning it a 7.2% rating and made Kang Daniel trend on Naver.

The phrase Kang Daniel agency also trended and several Korean online platforms have trending posts on wanting to join Konnect Entertainment. Who does not want to join after seeing the company’s snack room?

Kang Daniel and his company continued to trend on Naver the next day.

More clips of Omniscient Interfering View are available on MBC’s official Youtube channel.