Bored In the House Challenge

As the world grapples with the effect of Covid-19 in their lives, one of the ways they deal with boredom while staying at home is Tiktok.

Many are jumping in on Tiktok challenges and Kang Daniel was no different – except may be when he was tagged by another artist for a cause.

Curtis Roach is one of the two artists behind “Bored in the House” that people in the popular video-sharing platform are using these days. He especially mentioned Kang Daniel together with other Korean artists to do the challenge. 

In addition, every challenge done is equal to a lunch box to be distributed to those in need in South Korea.

Kang Daniel was quick to respond and immediately upload a video with his adorable cat, Ori (who does not seem pleased 🙂 ).

The video is found on Tiktok and Kang Daniel’s IG account

Danity were quick to pick up the challenge and uploaded their own #boredinthehouse challenge with their pets or a cuddly toy!