Kang Daniel at the Brand Customer Loyalty Awards

Kang Daniel attended the awards ceremony for the 2020 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards today June 8, 2020.

There was no official announcement as to whether or not Kang Daniel will be present on the awards ceremony until photos of the artist wearing a tuxedo taken by his fan sites surfaced on Twitter. The event was held at the Shilla Hotel, Seoul.

Mail Economy news reports this event as one of Korea’s largest events as it announces which brands have the loyalty of Korean customers through consumer survey analysed by Brand Keys of the United States and the Korea Consumer Forum.

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Several celebrities became awardees this year. The list of names for the said awards were made public back in April. Kang Daniel received the honor under Male Solo Singer category.

This is Kang Daniel’s second time to receive a Brand Customer Loyalty Award. The first time was in 2018 when he won under the CF model category. However, this is the first time that the artist was able to attend the event.

The singer expressed his gratitude during the red carpet event where the awardees where given a chance to speak.

After the event, Kang Daniel also went on a surprise VLIVE to personally thank Danity.

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Kang Daniel also talked about his upcoming album hinting that it is coming out soon!


Footage of the awardees during the acceptance ceremony is uploaded online. Kang Daniel was able to thank Konnect Entertainment and his best friends, Danity, who enabled him to receive such prestigious awards together with other respected artists.

Kang Daniel’s acceptance speech starts at 2:12

He thanked his fans for staying by him and being his source of strength. He also wished for everyone to stay healthy during this time of the pandemic.

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