Danity Space

Danity is the fandom name given to Kang Daniel fans by Kang Daniel.


During the run of Produce 101 season 2, Kang Daniel came out on TV with pink hair. This made him resemble a peach hence his fans were called peaches.

When WannaOne debuted, fans of all 11 members were then collectively called Wannables. There were still fans who identified themselves as Peaches or Peach Wannables.

Fun fact: The image of peach was stuck with Kang Daniel. In fact, some products he endorsed while he was with the group was either peach flavored or has a peach design.

No Name

By 2019, Kang Daniel fans found themselves without a name.

Due to the lawsuit with his former agency, a re-debut seem far from happening.

Even so, Kang Daniel’s fans worked together amazingly to show support to the artist.

Fans trended several hashtags in support of Kang Daniel in hopes that wherever he was, he would learn of fans unwavering trust and full support.

In Korea, a subway ad was placed to show fans support. Slowly, the ad was covered by post its with lovely and meaningful messages. Fans were even praised for how organised they were in making sure they do not litter the place and that they do not cover Daniel’s face.

One of the fan sites, Peachbomb, took charge of collecting the post its and sending them all to Kang Daniel. She was also the one who made the said subway ad.

A Kang Daniel forest was also created in a cafe in Seoul. This was the next venue for fans to gather, talk to each other and leave messages for Daniel.

Fans, as “No Name” was acknowledged by a Korean poet and made a poem about the fans and Daniel on his Instagram.

News outlets were also full of praises for the fandom. During a big fire in Korea that year, it was Kang Daniel’s fans were one of those who donated a lot of money. It was revealed that the donation relay was done by individual fans without a fan club organising it. These individual fans all donated under the artist’s name.

Following fans heart-warming gesture, Kang Daniel also donated. It was one of the rare occasions fans heard from him directly while on a dispute.


2019 was a difficult year for Kang Daniel and his fans. Nasty rumours surrounded him and it was difficult to know which is real from fabricated.

The only thing his fans held on to was what he said earlier in 2019 before the news of the lawsuit came out.

“Don’t worry about other things, just trust me.”

Looking at it positively, it seems to have acted as a strainer.

Finally, after a poll for fans, Kang Daniel revealed through a Vlive on November 29, 2019 the new fandom name.

Danity is chosen among the many names submitted by the fans and also Daniel’s own suggestions. Danity has a lot of meaning like Daniel I Trust You (DanITY). In all of the fan given meaning, Danity simply symbolises the space where Daniel and his fans create good memories together.

Fun Fact

This forest is now part of a Seoul tourism campaign outlining different places Kang Daniel’s fans can visit in Seoul. It’s called the Danity Tour.