Magazine Covers

As soon as Kang Daniel debuted with WannaOne back in August 2017 he was also made the cover of Weekly Chosun.

Weekly Chosun is not your regular glamour magazine but it is a very significant publication in South Korea and in Kang Daniel’s life as a celebrity.

Weekly Chosun is a magazine that talks about Korea’s politics and economic concerns. So people were surprised to see him on the front page instead of other current events news.

It was revealed in a later interview that they chose to put Kang Daniel on the cover because the artist became that significant in people’s lives. So much so that in that time the foremost thing Koreans talk about is Kang Daniel.

Weekly Chosun’s title reads “Why Kang Daniel.”

Since then, Kang Daniel’s face was on covers of different publications almost every month for the whole year.

Another hot publication in 2017 was Kang Daniel as the cover of InStyle magazine. 

Kang Daniel became their first-ever male cover model in the 13 years since being founded.

The photographer also praised Daniel with his ability to change the mood depending on the clothes he wears and the direction of the photographer. This was impressive because this was Kang Daniel’s first modelling gig as well.

Kang Daniel was the model for Tag Heuer.

This was followed by a string of other magazines including Weekly Dongha, Women’s Dongha and Asta TV.

Weekly Dongha caption: “I like you God Daniel”

Women’s Dongha actually had Daniel on their cover 4 times! 

AstaTV had Kang Daniel at least three times. AstaTV was a good way to promote Kang Daniel worldwide being a Korean magazine distributed to different countries like the US, Europe and Africa.

Come 2018 Kang Daniel’s fans were all excited as news of another cover came from GQ magazine. The artist received lost of praise for the artsy photos and meaningful interview.

Kang Daniel’s face was also seen on stalls around Korea as cover for Top Class Magazine, Economy Chosun and Star Focus.

Once again, Kang Daniel’s fans buzzed around with news that the artist was on children’s magazine!  Titled, The Famous Kang Daniel, the magazine serves as an English resource book for students.

Kang Daniel became cover for Elle Magazine as  Chanel’s fine jewelry muse. 

Kang Daniel is already known in the industry to have the capability to sell things out so, in response, Elle made half of the earnings for their July 2018 issue as a donation to a tree-planting project they called the Kang Daniel forest.

This magazine cover also became Elle’s best cover for 2018.

Kang Daniel’s photo for the famous charity project “Letters for Angels” was also printed on a complimentary Marie Claire magazine.

Kang Daniel was the last idol to participate in this project as it was the project’s last year.

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