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Main Dancer

Kang Daniel’s position in WannaOne is as one of the group’s main dancer.

Kang Daniel trained in street dance and choreography with Nataraja Academy. He was also a breakdancer or b-boy dancer with Loups Crew. Kang Daniel also attended Peniel High School for the Arts where he majored modern dance with a minor in ballet.

Dance seems to be Kang Daniel’s greatest strength since his TV debut. His dance line was always being praised by fans and critics.

His stage presence made earned him another moniker as “the stage master.”

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Kang Daniel’s solo performance on MAMA 2018. He was able to capture WannaOne’s signature dance points for all the songs they released.


“1, 2, 3 and 4..” and ” Uh, uh work your body… let’s dance” are Kang Daniel’s rap lines in WannaOne’s Energetic.

Kang Daniel introduced himself in an audition program as a rapper. We saw a few glimpses of it during the show but he mostly sang during group evaluations.

He believes that idols should be able to do all – sing, rap and dance and not just excel in one.

He also holds rapper position in Wanna One.


Kang Daniel was never considered a vocalist during Produce or in Wanna One although he mostly sang.

To be clear, Kang Daniel was never systematically trained to dance, rap or sing like most idols were. His former agency MMO Entertainment was so poor then that they were just in a basement left to train by themselves.

There is a clip of him singing during Produce and although it was clear he was not trained as a vocalist, he seems to have potential.

He sang short pieces during fan meets so there are no official videos except for this one on a Korean variety show called Radio Star where he was asked to sing. Past clips of his b-boy practices were also shown and a bit of him rapping too.

Kang Daniel on Radio Star, May 2018

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