Kang Daniel “Refresh” with Zico for Pepsi

Finally we get to see the whole 2:34 minute long collaboration MV between Kang Daniel and Zico.

Kang Daniel and Zico “Refresh” for Pepsi

The MV was released 6pm KST (I’m first a fan so I camped Youtube, Vlive and NaverTV first 🙂 ). And fans gush about the whole thing.

Kang Daniel’s visuals

I mean this scene here…

Kang Daniel’s vocals

Kang Daniel’s goal for the year is to be acknowledge as a singer. Truthfully, in the three years I have been following his career, his voice really improved a lot.

Remember, his original position is rap but in this collaboration, news was out about him lending his “vocals.”

He was usually assigned parts of the songs with a lower register when he was in a group. Although I love how low husky voice, hearing him carrying out higher notes is really refreshing.

The whole MV aesthetic

It’s Korean traditional culture, what’s not to like about that?

This MV is like period Kdrama and Kpop in one short video, I really need part 2.

Aren’t you excited to see more of this Pepsi project?

The video is also available on NaverTV and Vlive.