Kang Daniel Top Stories for the Week (June 1 – June 7)

Kang Daniel welcomes June with two Instagram updates. 

Welcome Monday

The first one was with 2 suns – clearly it is summer. 

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A few moments later, Kang Daniel posted a short clip of him on a rooftop with the caption “Seoul Sunset is good.” Of course fans were so happy to see the artist’s face made more handsome against the romantic Seoul sunset background.

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Fans were quick to pick up that Kang Daniel seems to have a habit of uploading Instagram photos almost every Monday.


Konnect Entertainment follows their CEO by posting bts photos of the artist during 88Rising stage.

W Korea magazine

We are all anticipating Kang Daniel on W Korea’s July issue. Meanwhile, W Korea along with Givenchy are feeding fans with loads of content.

They have uploaded a behind the scene shoot plus Kang Daniel answering some of the questions fans posted for the artist a few weeks back.

The next day, the magazine also uploaded a fun make up tutorial, Kang Daniel style.

Surprise Vlive activity

Kang Daniel suddenly went on Vlive chat surprising Danity who all immediately flocked the platform.

After a while, the artist switched to voice only live for a longer chat with fans.

Kang Daniel ended the whole experience with a Selma uploaded on his official twitter account.


A new vlog series was announced on June 4. Although, nothing is set to stone yet, Kang Daniel designed a logo for the show and will be thinking of a theme song too!

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Episode 2 was also uploaded on June 6 where fans learned the official anniversary date for Konnect Entertainment’s founding. The whole 8 minute episode enabled fans to know about the artist’s feelings during the dispute and were relieved that somehow, Daniel seemed to be moving forward from the whole experience.

The episode also made fans laugh at the honesty of Konnect staff towards their boss.

Pepsi Festival

Pepsi announces its annual showcase for 2020 “For the Love of Korea (대한민국).”

Due to circumstances, this year will be an online concert. News of the show headlines “God Daniel,” as a growing solo artist and Pepsi’s brand partner.  

There will be a DVD of the performances made available for those who want to have a copy. Proceeds will be donated to the “Beautiful Foundation” (아름다운재단).

The online concert will be shown via Tiktok app and LG U+ IdolLive app on June 27.

The Star Magazine

The Star magazine seem not over Kang Daniel yet teasing fans and uploading a short but heart fluttering video of the artist on various SNS.

The Butterfly Effect

During the run of “Hello Daniel” fans were made aware of the positive effect of Kang Daniel to the writer and publisher of the travel book he used through out the show.

A few months later, the writer updated news of her getting another publishing deal from a popular Thai publisher.

Variety Show appearance 

Kang Daniel’s first variety show guesting for 2020 is with MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View (전지적 참견 시점). 

His appearance in the said show with his manager garnered positive response earning the show a 7.2% rating. Kang Daniel and his company also trended on Naver for hours until the next day.

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The first week of June is already jam-packed! Already we have a lot to look forward to including two online concerts (Pepsi and KCON) and DaniTV episodes.