Kang Daniel on KCON 2020

Kang Daniel Top Stories of the Week (June 22 – 28, 2020)

The week of June 22 to 28 started with W Korea magazine’s title “Matchless Daniel,” indeed Kang Daniel is proving himself worthy of a title.

Givenchy Beauty Campaign

As part of Givenchy Beauty Campaign, Kang Daniel participated in a photoshoot with W Magazine Korea. Their latest update of the project was posted on their website, twitter and Instagram account.

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#W_Beauty 7월호 강다니엘의 화보 컷을 공개합니다. 무대 위의 아티스트로도 멋지지지만, 뷰티 모델로서도 어마어마한 매력을 보여주는 강다니엘. 손을 뻗어 만져보고 싶을 정도로 보송보송 매끄럽게 정돈된 피부, 화사하고 생기 넘치는 톤, 촉촉하게 볼륨이 살아있는 핑크 립과 카리스마를 머금은 레드 립은 모두 지방시 뷰티 제품으로 완성했답니다. 그의 메이크업에서 힌트를 얻어 올 여름 우리 모두 더욱더 예뻐져볼까요? 그가 어떤 제품을 사용했는지 궁금하다면 사진 뒤에 매치된 제품을 눈여겨보세요. 더 많은 컷을 보고싶다면 더블유 코리아 웹사이트로 고고! @wkorea #editor_hjl Introducing Kang Daniel's photos in the July issue. #지방시뷰티 #강다니엘 #KangDaniel #프리즘리브르 #땡꾸뛰르쿠션 #르로즈퍼펙토리퀴드밤 #르루즈 #더블유코리아 @givenchybeauty

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Polls, polls, polls

This month seems to be the start of the season of polls, let’s share some news to several polls that Danity wins for Kang Daniel on a regular basis.

First, Idol Pick. Kang Daniel again topped Idol Pick with 81,189 points.

Danity also won a time square ad for the artist with Fan Plus for Kang Daniel’s one year solo debut anniversary.

Two polls just finished today too.

The 2020 MTN Broadcast Advertising Festival – Best Viewer Award for KT Galaxy Note 10.

It should be noted that KT is the first big brand that trusted Kang Daniel back in 2019 when he was being banned from broadcast.

Danity also won the poll on Idol Champ for all artists who debuted July. Promotion videos will be played on MBC every1 and MBC drama channels.

Ongoing vote for Soribada Popularity Award through the Choeaedol App until August 2, 2020. Kang Daniel is up against all male solo and group artists.

Danity works hard on these polls to show their never-ending love and support to their artist, Kang Daniel.

OST official MV

Finally, an official MV for Backstreet Rookie 1st OST “Something” by Kang Daniel is uploaded on SBS Now official Youtube account. 

Online Concerts

Kang Daniel is a busy man. Aside from being a KPOP solo artist, he is CEO of his own entertainment agency and a cyber university student! Still he managed to participate in two online concerts this week – KCON and Pepsi Showcase.


Kang Daniel and Danity enjoyed the sweet time together during KCON – even if it was virtual. The artist did seem like he got a lot of energy from his Danity.

KCON forbids anyone to put up any links or recordings of the concert but hopefully we will be able to officially watch some of it soon.

After performance, Kang Daniel posted a thankful Instagram update for all the Danity who stayed up to watch his stage.

Pepsi Online Showcase

Similar to the Tiktok Online Stage, Kang Daniel went to the venue to have the concert with other artists live. 

Kang Daniel opened the show as Pepsi partner this year. He then performed for with 2U and Jealous.



After his performance, the artist surprised his Danity with a Vlive. 

Vlive: Kang Daniel Updates

Seventeen #leftrightchallenge

Kang Daniel responded to Seventeen’s #leftrightchallenge and danced with Seventeen’s Woozi and Hoshi, and Team Daniel.

The TikTok video is up on Seventeen’s official Tiktok page.


👈🏻강다니엘👉🏻 15초CUT 역시는역시💯 #LeftRightChallenge @konnect_kangdaniel

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN


Singer Brand Reputation Ranking

The ranking is published for June and has Kang Daniel soaring back to number 3 after ranking 8th in May. 

Kang Daniel rank 3rd after BTS and trot winner Im Young-woong. Kang Daniel’s score shot to 60.85% from the previous published ranking.

The Singer Brand Reputation Ranking should not be confused with other rankings such as the Top 100 Idols Brand Reputation Ranking which ranks all idols individually (not as a group) and excludes non-KPOP singers (such as trot singers) all in one category. It is also different from Boy Group Brand Reputation Ranking because this ranking only includes individual members of artist in a group. Solo artist can not be in this said ranking.

Since Kang Daniel is now a solo artist, he may only rank in Top 100 Idols Brand Reputation Ranking and Singer Brand Reputation Ranking.

Kang Daniel is also included in Male CF Model Brand Reputation Ranking but this ranking does not come out monthly. 

Read more about Kang Daniel’s Brand Reputation Ranking on our page Kang Daniel’s Achievements.

July is coming soon and in his last Vlive, Kang Daniel said that he is planning something fun for us soon! Are your hearts ready Danity?