Kang Daniel Top Stories for the Week (June 8 – June 14)

Kang Daniel started the week right receiving the title of “the most influential solo artist” of 2020.

Brand Customer Loyalty Award

Back in April, the Brand Customer Loyalty Award announced Kang Daniel as one of their recipients. However, the awarding ceremony happened last June 8, 2020.

Danity were surprised to see the artist in a suit and tie walking outside of The Shilla hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

This award is under the “Personality and Culture” category and winners were chosen by evaluating the loyalty index. This was done by getting the average scores of consumers’ brand attachment, trust and recommendation. 

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This is Kang Daniel’s second award from the Brand Customer Loyalty Award. The first one was back in 2018 as CF Male Model.


After the event, Kang Daniel met Danity with a Vlive to thank his fans for support that enabled him to get a prestigious award this year.

He also let fans know that he is preparing for the next album.

Vlive: I received an award, Danity

Good Data Korea Ranking

Kang Daniel and his manager’s appearance on the show resulted in great rating ranking for MBC’s 전지적 참견 시점  or Point of Omniscient Interfering View. For the 1st week of June, the show managed to climbed 3 ranks to rank at number 8 while Kang Daniel ranked 7 among other celebrities.

Content Power Index

Another TV show ranking revealed that the episode with Kang Daniel in it rose 21 places with 253.3 points and ranked first over all among all the drama and non-drama category.

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Point of Omniscient Interfering View

MBC uploaded a summary of Kang Daniel in their previous episode with his manager.

They must have been happy for all the positive attention it received. They also posted updates on their official Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Kang Daniel’s award speech

Kang Daniel gave a touching speech after receiving his award. 

The words 솔로 가수 (solo singer) and  가수 부문 수상 (singer category award) trended in Korea on that day at number 4 and 10 respectively.

Soribada Awards

Kang Daniel is announced eligible to receive a Bonsang award for 2020.

You may check the link for Soribada awards 2020 here.

Cafe de Konnect

Kang Daniel’s Cafe de Konnect updated their menu to include a non caffeinated drink – Deep Chocolate with marshmallow. 

Fans were so excited, several Korean fans came to give it a try.


Konnect Entertainment uploaded photos of the artist that did not make it to The Star magazine.

Seriously, the magazine could have made another edition with these photos.

Dotti SNS Update

Dotti was another personality who received an award from Brand Customer Loyalty Award with Kang Daniel.

He shared a photo of him with the artist with the hashtags best manner, best consideration, awesome, best in the universe.

Dotti is the personality who ranked third after Korean President and Kang Daniel who shook Korea in 2017. He also happens to be born on December 10 a few years earlier than Daniel.


Danity woke up to Kang Daniel face time video.

Aren’t you excited for this year’s KCON?

Here is this year’s line up as well with Kang Daniel scheduled on Tuesday June 23 with A.C.E, (G)I-DLE, Stray Kids and Very Very.

Instagram Update

Kang Daniel uploaded an IG story with Danity’s new friend, manager-him. 

Can you hear Kang Daniel laughing? Please work together with Kang Daniel longer, manager-him

Kang Daniel also posted his photo at the Brand Customer Loyalty Award with the caption “suit and tie” and changed his profile photo as well.

View this post on Instagram


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W Korea x Givenchy

W Korea released another beauty film for Givenchy Beauty with Kang Daniel.

After the “Black Daniel,” this time it’s “Pastel Daniel” for summer. Which one is your favourite look?

Point of Omniscient Interfering View (2nd week)

Kang Daniel is still in this week’s episode as a reactor. 

Fans and hosts alike all felt their heart flutter as Kang Daniel threw hearts

And of course what everyone is raving about, the coffee CF

All these clips are available on Naver TV too and has been on it’s top 100 even after several hours after broadcast.

Card News

This months Card News was published today as well talking about all the positive things that Kang Daniel is gifting Danity so far.

You may read the article here 여름소년 강다니엘, 6월도 반짝반짝 (Summer Boy, Kang Daniel shines on June too).

The words 여름소년 강다니엘 trended for sometime on Korean twitter after the article was published.

Tiktok Update

Tiktok Korea put together all of Kang Daniel’s ending clips into one sweet Kang Daniel “ending zip.”


Finally, DaniTV episode 3 is here. Fans have been waiting for it since Thursday!

Although most of the events were shown in the MBC show, fans were very happy that the episode was already subbed in English and there were additional clips that were not included in the variety show.

The first half of June is finished and Kang Daniel is really working hard to give us loads of content until the next comeback. 

If you would like to donate for the album you may do so via Ktown and Kang Daniel support.

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