Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel is a South Korean solo artist.

Nation’s Center

He won the second season of the survival show Produce 101 back in 2017.

He then debuted as a member of a temporary group called WannaOne. Debuting with the group is the prize of winning the said survival show. He served the center of the group and he was one of the group’s main dancer and rapper.

As WannaOne, they were active with 4 albums and several awards until late 2018.

After WannaOne

In 2019, Kang Daniel filed a case against his former artist agency LM Entertainment for selling his rights to a third party without his consent. During this time, several negative articles came out against Kang Daniel and he was blocked in most broadcast channels. During this time, his fans never wavered their show of support trending hash parties on Twitter and doing various activities in Korea.

You may read about the lawsuit from another Kang Daniel dedicated website, OurDaniel.com.

Fortunately, things started to look up as the Korean court ruled against LM entertainment. Kang Daniel set up his own company KD Corp. Konnect Entertainment was then born as the artist agency arm of KD Corp. Kang Daniel is the CEO of both companies.

Kang Daniel re-debuted in July of 2019 with an album called “Color on Me” which sold almost 500 thousand copies on the 1st week of its release. He became the highest selling solo artist in Korea. He also landed on Sony Music biggest selling artist projects on a global scale.  Sony Music is Daniel’s music distributor.

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Kang Daniel was still banned from most broadcast so he filmed “Colorful Daniel” vlog on his company Youtube channel.

Catch Colorful Daniel Ep1 in Singapore on Kang Daniel’s Youtube channel Konnect Entertainment.

Kang Daniel and his former agency settled the dispute and he was finally able to go on broadcasts. He released 2 digital songs in November 2019. Unfortunately, he had to take a sudden hiatus due to mental health issues.

New Beginning

Now, he is back with a mini-album Cyan. It’s part of a trilogy for his colour project. The video above is the official MV for the title track 2U.

Cyan is currently 2020’s best selling album for a soloist. The song won 5 music shows and received 3 crowns from Gaon music chart. Cyan charted 1st in album sales while the title song 2U landed 1st in download chart and BGM chart for the 13th week in 2020. The song was also 7th on the overall digital chart.

IZM, a korean music critic, also rated Cyan with 3 stars. Not many artists get that much score and only some get 4 stars. This is an achievement for Daniel and Danity because the album showcased the artist’s vocals.

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Kang Daniel’s main goal is to be known for his music. He wants to be able to attend year-end music shows, own the stage and wow the crowd! Awards are just a bonus.

Kang Daniel’s official accounts

Kang Daniel official accountsKonnect Entertainment
official accounts
Instagram: Daniel.k.here
Twitter: @konnect_danielk
Tiktok: @konnect_kangdaniel
Vlive channel: 강다니엘 (KANGDANIEL)
Website: danielk.konnectent.com
Youtube channel: Konnect Entertainment
Instagram: konnect_kangdaniel
Twitter: @daniel_staff
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