National Athlete is a Fan too?

19 April 2020

In the latest episode of MBC’s King of Masked Singers, one of the masked contestants revealed herself to be a Kang Daniel fan. The fan was no other than the legendary athlete Ms. Hyun Jung Hwa.

Who is Hyun Jung Wha? 

Hyun Jung Hwa is a retired table tennis player who brought Korea’s golden age of table tennis. She is one of Korea’s elite athletes who brought in so many medals for the country. She played in the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics.

In 1993 during the World Table Tennis Championship, she won and achieved a grand slam. She is the only Korean to receive such honor. By 2011, she was then inducted into the International Table Tennis Hall of Fame.

Hyun Jung Hwa’s 1988 Olympic win was made into a movie starring Ha Ji Won in the movie “As One.”

Ms. Hyun is now head coach of the South Korean National team.



So back on the stage of King of Masked Singers, Ms. Hwa confessed that she is a Kang Daniel fan as they are both from Busan. 

She also said she sang Heize’s song because she knows Daniel likes it. She then shyly looked at the camera to tell Kang Daniel that she wants to buy him meat sometime cause she also knows the artist’s love of meat.


Kang Daniel athlete magnet

This is not the first time we heard of national athletes fangirling over Kang Daniel just like us.

Kim Kyung Ae

Back in 2018 during the Winter Olympics in Korea, Kim Kyeongae a national curler player reveals herself as a fan too. She showed her heart during the games. The whole curling team was invited in Infinite Challenge and she was lucky to talk to Kang Daniel over the phone!

Here is a link of their adorable conversation in Infinite Challenge.


Lee Da Bin


Another national athlete is Lee Da Bin.

She played taekwondo for Korea in Jakarta, she said she liked Kang Daniel. She said that dancing to his songs gives her energy.



It is an honor to have national athletes as fans. Kang Daniel said as much last time during the phone conversation in Infinite Challenge.

“Hearing that a national athlete is a fan of mine makes me want to work even harder, in order to not be an embarrassment as a singer.”

– Kang Daniel, Infinite Challenge, 17.03.18

Don’t you just love how humble our artist is?